Our Thanks

We would like to thank the following people that have donated or have been a part of the growth friendship and support of 'Little Eden' (in no particular order):

  • Our beautiful family, Auntie Kir & Amanda; Auntie Cathy & Uncle Anton; Lilly & David; Andrea, Neil, Charlotte, Bekki & Nikki; Hayley 'Cupcake' & Colin; Kenny Tiller & Mummy Maria

  • Our wonderful neighbours, Tony & Chan Wright, Jakki & Richard, Pearl & John, Colin & Margaret, Sylvia and Joe House, Anita, Lee, Talia & Lewis

  • Chris Read from 'A Smile For A Child' for your amazing donations and continued support

  • Stacie Fiddimore, who created our website

  • Robbie and Zed for your Djembe drumming therapy workshops

  • Mikey for all your work and help with our swimming pool

  • Our very dear friends John Salako, Terry Wood, Amanda & David Rossi, Tony 'Teardrop',
    Gerry, Kevin & Jackie Lewis, Anita & Paul

  • All the families that visit and continually support Little Eden

  • John & Barry from Universal Supplies in Carshalton

  • Andy & Barbara from Graham and Leigh

  • All the wonderful staff at Amy Johnson School Wallington

  • Dr Kundu, Mr Churchill and all the staff at St Helier Hospital Carshalton

  • Mr Holmes and all the staff at St Georges Hospital Tooting

  • Dr Daubeny and all the staff at The Royal Brompton London

  • Bev McCue, the best portage worker ever, Sally Monger-Godfrey, Lucy Phillips & Elspeth

  • Raj from India India

  • Our recent honourable visitors - The Mayor of Sutton, Mr Sean Brennan, OBE and Tom Brake MP

  • Celebrity guests Johny Pach, Lydia Lucy, Steve Collazo, Cream, Wayne Woodward, The Fab Sisters
    Danny John-Jules, Danny Kent, Justified, Carl Owen, The Divas, Simon Cummings

  • Karin Flower and all at Celeb FC

  • Kingsley Hamilton and his British Red Bus

  • Chris and Amanda Curtis

And lastly, my wonderful rock, my husband Glenn Harvey. Without you, I'd be half, and wonderful sons Charlie & Tate

We love you all and thank you again for helping in any way you found you could.